A Biography of an American Writer Charles Dickens

A Biography of an American Writer Charles Dickens

An Essay On Charles Dickens

Did you understand that Charles Dickens believed that People in america were distasteful? You will find a reason

because of this and you will find out in the event that you browse my essay. This is a discussion on the famous writer Charles Dickens and his existence.

The great author Charles Dickens was created on February 7, 1812, he was the boy of

John and Elizabeth Dickens. Charles Dickens daddy, John Dickens, was a clerk in a Navy pay business office. John was very poor with budget so he was devote jail due to his debt. Charles' complete family joined his dad in jail and Charles was trapped doing work for Warrens Blacking Factory. After his father was discrete of prison he rescued his boy from his horrible labor fate.

From 1824 to 1827 he became students at a institution in London. Small did his family know that his stay at the Blacking Factory would haunt him for the others of his life. The sole 2 persons he told relating to this horrible event in his life will be his wife, and his ideal good friend John Foster which he'll meet later in lifestyle.

He uses this era in his life in another of his books it really is called Great Expectations and also uses this

in the book DavidCopperfield.

In 1829

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