Essay about Air Force Power and Environmental Specialist Internet site: Proposal

Air Force Electrical and Environmental Specialist Website

Joashua Willard

Web page design I/WEB236

May possibly 24, 2010

James Kadlec

Air Force Electric and Environmental Specialist Internet site

The United States Naval pilot continually enlists and train locomotives people to guard and protect the nation. An excellent way to educate the usa population upon jobs given by the Air Force is through the World Wide Web. The following website architecture will illustrate the purpose, target audience, and content material needs of designing a website to inform viewers of the requirements, responsibilities, lifestyle, and rewards in going after a career while an Airplane Electrical and Environmental (E& E) Specialist.


The purpose of the site is to give you the audience with an E& E work description and display details regarding job and schooling requirements, certification, and benefits. The website will even offer information to contact recruiters and a web page about the military lifestyle. While using knowledge attained from the site, visitors can make knowledgeable decisions on whether or not a profession in the Air Pressure as a great E& Elizabeth specialist is right for them.

The goal of the website should be to ensure the E& Elizabeth career field remains stuffed with the most competent personnel possible. Working in this kind of field for a long time, I am aware with the shortage of persons available with electric and environmental experience. A dedicated website targeted at personnel eligible to enlist is just what the Air Power needs to get the much needed workers in this discipline of work.

Target Audience

People taking into consideration a career surrounding this time Force, father and mother or family members, and people at present enlisted, such as recruiters or cross-trainees, will be potential target audience groups. Different audience limitations considered were age limits and education backgrounds. Mid-air Force Reserve's maximum age for using is 34; active duty has a maximum associated with 27. With everything regarded, the target viewers is mainly people ages 18 to 27. The majority of the support is active duty, with a lot of members moving away from active duty to look in the Stores. No need exists to include Airmen separating from the military in the target audience because they know the job skills and way of life. If they choose to cross to the Supplies, there are separate websites available to receive information concerning. Content

A substantial amount of content goes into the web page. Subject areas included are the E& E work description, information on basic training, benefits, information about the military life-style, and a link for calling recruiters. The primary page will include text of the job description and video clips of experts performing duties. A web page included in the web page has basic training data with videos describing each week of training. Furthermore, the benefits website will include links to display this: 1 . Income

2 . Casing Allowance

a few. Food Permitting

4. Thrift Savings Prepare

5. Retirement

6. Education

7. Vacation

8. Putting your signature on Bonuses

The web page architecture (Figure 1 . ) illustrates the web site layout. Your home page could have a description from the E& At the career field. Additionally , the four main links supplied are to route visitors to websites defined as Benefits, Basic Training, Lifestyle, and Contact Recruiter. Suspending the cursor within the Benefits link will display a drop down menu providing the consumer with several selections readily available from the related link. The drop down menu for the advantages link will incorporate eight links: Salary, Thrift Savings Prepare, Housing Allocated, Food Allowance, Education, Holiday, Signing Benefit, and Retirement. A selection of some of these links is going to redirect you a separate website with info...

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