Environmental Security: Bangladesh Article

Environmental Reliability:

A case of Bangladesh


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Whilst reading Intercontinental Relations I managed to get acquainted with many contemporary issues which are really important to deal with to get the competitive survival of Bangladesh with this age of globalization. Bangladesh can be described as developing nation. It has to perform very carefully in order to continue a wholesome and environmentally friendly economic system. Bangladesh suffers from both equally internal and external hazards which are the two military and non-military. One of them Environmental Protection (ES) is actually a matter of great importance. Mainly because environmental disasters are great danger to economical development and therefore are means of creating dependency within the donor countries. It is also managing relation among states and also creating anxiety between them. So , time has come to take this problem more considerably and take necessary steps accordingly. This kind of research newspaper contains just how environment is having power above the matters of the country; creating balance of relationship with all the donor countries; and what Bangladesh have to do in order to defeat the problems to determine better economics.


To supply a valid research paper, I possess taken data from the spiel shits provided by the department of Worldwide Relations. Net has been a great source of details which I have mentioned inside the part of bibliography. Moreover I've taken information from BANGLADESH: nontraditional security, By Jyoti M. Pathania, and applied speeches of George Kennan, Collin Powell in some relevant area. My spouse and i am pleased to Dr . Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmed (Chairman, Governing Authorities, Dhaka School of Economics (DScE); Chief, Governing Body system, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation). He has provided me some clear look at of the issue of Environmental Security. I have used some details in this research paper via his business presentation on The Result OF Jamaica Climate Modify Conference (COP-16) and Bangladesh. My operate has also been encouraged by Dr . jashim Uddin, General Manager, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation, who may have great experience in the field of creation in Bangladesh.

1 . zero Introduction

There are two methods to Security Studies: 1) Classic Approach, we. e., Realist Approach and Non-traditional Way, i. e., i) Extending Approach and ii) Deepening Approach. Considering that the end with the Cold Battle, there has been reconditioned interest in what is now referred to as ' nontraditional ' security issues. Among the list of non-traditional method of security research, the widening approach comes with that states are functionally like products; states aren't like units in terms of capability/power. Some are solid and some are weak. Inter-state relationship is governed with this power differentiation. As a result, disturbance is the purchasing principle of international national politics. States are bound to adapt to this anarchic system because of their survival. Nevertheless , in extending approach the referent subject of security is state; state would like to secure point out sovereignty, physical base of state (territory, resources and population) and political program. It simply incorporates a wide range of nonmilitary threats to state security: both external and internal and military and nonmilitary. The Environmental Security could be referred to this kind of nontraditional approach of security, which is an internal and exterior non-military danger to a claim that causes enormous loss for the physical bottom of a point out, demolishes economic situation and risks the sovereignty of state in this age of globalization.

Therefore the Environmental Security has become a couple of great importance in today's world. Environmental security consists of assessing the ways in which the quality of environmental systems relate to or impact the overall into the well-being...

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