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$tart $mart – Income Negotiation Workshop

Tuesday, November 13, 2018, your five: 15-7: 45pm, 1119 Susquehanna HallRegistration is required. Seating is limited, so sign-up today!(log along with your listing ID and password)The Department of Women’s Studies is usually sponsoring a north american Association of University Women (AAUW) Begin Smart Income Negotiation Workshop. Developed by the AAUW, the Start Smart workshop educates about the male or female gap in pay when equipping university students to face the task market with confidence, knowledge, and skills they must negotiate better salaries and benefits. Guests will gain valuable earnings negotiation skills by learning how the male or female wage distance affects their lives, how to develop a personal price range to determine income needs, the right way to benchmark earnings and rewards, and how to work out for a salary.

FREE and open to any kind of University of Maryland student.

For questions, please get in touch with: Professor Barkley Brown, Section of Could Studies, by [email protected] edu or Kate Juhl, College or university Career Center, College of Arts and Humanities – [email protected] edu

Y2GAY: Quelcome 2018Sponsored by LGBT Equity Center plus the Office of Multicultural Engagement and Community Advocacy (MICA)

Thursday, September 28, 2018, 5-7pm, Colony Ballroom, Adele H. Stamp Student UnionQuelcome (Queer Welcome) is UMD’s campus-wide everyone should be open event for a lot of LGBTQ+ and allied college students, faculty, personnel, and alumni. Attendees will have the opportunity to collect in community with food, live entertainment, and a great LGBTQ+ targeted resource good! There will even be networking possibilities for those thinking about the LGBT Staff-Faculty Affiliation and a graduate college student meet-up. This kind of year’s Quelcome marks the 20th anniversary of the 1998 founding of UMD’s LGBT Equity Center, so prepare for a #ThrowbackThursday like none other! Do more research on the Fb event page.

Apply for the Graduate License in Could Studies

Deadline Thursday night, November 12-15, 2018Graduate student students signed up for other graduate student degree applications at the College or university of Baltimore are eligible to obtain the graduate student certificate in Women’s Research. The Certificate requires a minimum of 18 credit hours which provides pupils with a great integrative and interdisciplinary educational encounter with all the contributions and challenges of feminist request, as well as helps student’s particular research specialized. See additional information about the Graduate License and how to apply.

Laura Nichols Award

Deadline Thurs night, November 1, 2018Coming from her appearance at the School of Baltimore in 1987 to her old age in 2014, Laura Nichols was a essential staff member in Women’s Research and an essential advocate pertaining to equality and inclusiveness inside the university in general. The Laura Nichols Merit recognizes undergraduate students whom exemplify her commitment to feminist and social modify through their very own scholarship, service, activism, and creative endeavor.Women’s Studies majors and records, Black Women’s Studies those under 18, and LGBT Studies accreditation and those under 18 are all entitled.

Applications may be for activist, service, or creative projects that reflect a determination to sociable change as well as the values of equality, inclusion, and justice. Applications could possibly be for work done on-campus or perhaps in the wider community.In some instances honours may be provided to support students research project if this fulfills the goals in the Laura Nichols Award. Pupils may straight apply or perhaps nominations for the Laura Nichols Merit may be forwarded by any member of the University community. We specifically encourage pupils to nominate other pupils whose work they observe as specifically worthy.Awardees are getting a $600 scholarship.

Apply for the Ph. G. in Can certainly Studies

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018.Please do not hesitate to leave us find out if you are going through any concerns as you make an effort to upload the application materials. Contact Robert Burgard, the Coordinator of Graduate student Studies in [email protected] edu.

Our petulante students find engage in innovative and active scholarship upon women, male or female, sexuality, competition, and racial. Our department is a web page where the systematic study and development of interdisciplinary theories and methodologies is encouraged. Our college students pursue their particular inquiries drawing on both traditional and modern day contexts, and we strongly motivate independent exploration and classes that indulge questions of difference and power.

Our Ph. D. program offers five overlapping areas of emphasis:

  • Male or female, Race, Racialization, and/or Diaspora Studies;
  • Women’s Actions, Global and Local;
  • Body, Genders, Sexualities;
  • Gendered Labor: Homes and Neighborhoods;
  • Art, Culture, Solutions, and Interpersonal Change

The ongoing future of Humanity: The process of Global Peace and ReliabilityThe Baha’i Chair For Globe Peace Seminar

Wednesday – Thursday, October 18 – seventeen, 2018, Colony Ballroom, Seal of approval Student UnionWith increasing challenges towards the creation of your sustainable global peace plus the decline in security, fresh thinking and solutions will be needed. This kind of conference looks at the limitations from the current global order and seeks to learn alternative alternatives.

Wed, October 18, 9-10: 30amValentines Moghadam(Middle East Studies System, Northeastern University) will producekeynote on Male or female Inequalityfollowed by aSexuality Inequality Panel Sessionfrom 11am-12: 30pm showcasingMargaret Satterthwaite(Center pertaining to Human Rights and Global Justice, NYU)Jessica Trisko Darden(School of Worldwide Service, American University)Kanisha Bond(Government and Governmental policies, UMD), and moderatorKathleen Cunningham(Government and National politics, UMD).

Motion picture Outing –The Hate U Give

OnFriday afternoon Nov. on the lookout for, 2018, the Department of Can certainly Studies will be going to AMC Academy almost 8 in Greenbelt followed by evening meal and dialogue at Pho 168, a Vietnamese restaurant near the theater. The division will provide transportation and supper. The theatre provides confirmed the film will probably be playing that afternoon in *approximately* 5: 30pm, nevertheless exact showtimes will not be offered until they are really publicly produced for the week, which happens each Wednesday. We will meet in Forest Hall before showtime and head to the theatre as a group.

This event is restricted to doze students.To request an area, please RSVP to Dr . Mathiason at [email protected] edu.

RSVPs will probably be accepted through November 7, though places may fill up beforehand, so get in touch shortly!

Registration for Spring 2019 ends rapidly!

Schedule adjustment ends uponComes to an end, February 8th, therefore make sure to sign up for your classes before then. This can be a last day time for add/drop for Spring 2019.

Lists of undergraduate Ladies Studies, LGBT Studies, and Black Could Studies courses currently being presented can be found on our programs page. Require assistance with counseling, enrolling in programs, or other concerns? Meet to meet while using undergraduate expert, JV Sapinoso, at http://ter.ps/meetJV

For aid in WMST graduate courses, get in touch with Robert Burgard at [email protected] edu

Careers in Can certainly and Sexuality Issues

Wednesday, Feb . 13, 2019 5: 00-6: 00pm, College or university Career Middle, 3rd Ground Hornbake Catalogue, South

The School Career Middle will be hosting a panel of alumni and professionals doing work in fields related to and helping women and sexuality issues. Arrive to the celebration to learn regarding careers relevant to Women’s Research, and listen to confirmed panelists:

  • Joanna Silver, Attorney/Federal Public Defensive player
  • Duy-Khuong Van, Web designer, Webmaster/Typesetter to get the recordFeminist Studies
  • Dresden Koons, Past Head of the Lower College & Current M >This panel is co-sponsored by the Section of Could Studies.

Winter Start 2018

Campus-wide Start Ceremony, Xfinity Center, Wednesday, December 18, 2018, 6pm

Commencement, Departments of Can certainly Studies, English, Comparative Books, American Research, and Film Studies, Dekelboum Concert Lounge, Clarice Jones Performing Arts Center, Wed, December 19, 2018, eleven: 30amThese types of events are not only a celebration of the graduation students’ successes at the University of Maryland, but as well an occasion to acknowledge the joint excitement for their future endeavors. The university recognizes that commencement is a motorola milestone phone in our graduates’ lives and, as such, all of us strive to make certain that everyone likes their experience.

Winter WMST/LGBT graduates as well as your guests are cordially asked to attend the Department of Women’s Studies Fall beginning ceremony. With the Wednesday wedding ceremony we is going to recognize every graduate independently. You may take as many friends as you wish towards the department beginning ceremony; zero tickets necessary.

For different questions that you just or everybody may have got about the university vast and the section commencement, make sure you refer to UMD’s Official Commencement Website – www.commencement.umd.edu

Obeahs, Brujas, and Witches: Magic as a Feminist Practice

Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 4-6pm, 2101R Woods CorridorIn her bookWitches, Sluts, and Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, Kristen J. Sollee asserts that witches, sluts, and feminists embody the opportunity of self-directed feminine power, and sexual and intellectual liberty. All of us will look at cross-cultural spiritual practices and modern magic as potential sites of personal and collective resistance to patriarchal and hurtful oppression. Self-described conjurers and witches via both Africa Diasporic and Wiccan traditions will go over their methods and answer questions.

In the nature of giving offerings, we will be collecting materials for BODY, a sex-worker community support non-profit. Feel free to show up in costume if you wish, enjoy lumination dinner offered by the Department of Women’s Studies, and don’t forget your charit to HIPS from the next list.

-New socks/ undergarments, all sizes for different persons-Brown paper lunch break bags intended for outreach-Snacks intended for client drop in center-Fun size chocolate-Bulk coffee or hot delicious chocolate-Lemonade mix-New or perhaps gently utilized outer wear (coats, hats, gloves, etc . )-Gift cards to food markets ($10 denominations)

Gender, Financing, and Electrical power Panel

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 4: 00-5: 30pm, Samuel Riggs 4 Alumni Center

Join the Office of Can certainly Studies even as celebrate Women’s History Month with the Gender, Finance, and Power Panel discussion. The panel will explore the role of business, financial, and power and its relationship to male or female in its multiple manifestations inside the lives of girls. Money, riches, and assets are associated with power and white guy gender inside the U. T. Our panelists will discuss the intersections of financing and power, provide information on how to begin the accumulation of wealth early on, and the function of entrepreneurship as a mechanism for property building and strategies for successfully engaging in organization development. The panel will probably be moderated by simply Dr . Cynthia Stevens from the Robert They would. Smith School of Organization, and will consist of speakers Maura Schauss, CFP of Washington Wealth Advisors, Dr . Elizabeth Toth with the Department of Communication, Marva Jo Camp, Esq., vice-chair of the Prince George’s State Economic Development Corporation, and Dr . Helene Rodriguez McConnell of the SMC Business Group.

Social Rights Hangout

Tuesday, 04 2, one particular: 00-3: 00pm, 2101R Forest Hall

Prominent male or female and libido scholar, Susan Stryker, uses transgender to refer to people who approach away from the male or female they were assigned at birth and people who cross over (trans-) the boundaries constructed by their culture to establish and consist of that male or female. This social justice hangout is going to address queries such as: Exactly what does Stryker indicate by gender assigned by birth? Why does she call gender constructed? What do the various acronyms suggest? What’s the between gender, sex, and sexuality? What makes pronouns essential? What does nonbinary mean? Just how do i avoid attacking language? What are current concerns and issues for trans gender areas. This Social Justice hangout provides an possibility to get answers to some of the questions you might be afraid to inquire, and to talk about current matters from a trans male or female perspective. Lunch break will be offered.

Social Rights Hangout

Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 1-3: 30pm, 2101R Hardwoods HallTake a pause and join us around the first Wednesday of every month for a Sociable Justice Hangout. Whether you’d like to check in, share, speak, support, become supported, or just sit in quiet expression, the Interpersonal Justice Hang-out is a space in which we certainly have fun and participate in self-care, almost all while contemplating together issues that are current and actions that are necessary. Everyone is welcome-undergrads, grads, faculty, staff. Lunchtime will be offered.

The theme for August will middle around cultural appropriation and costumes.

Office of Ladies Studies Twelve-monthly Fall Gathering

Comes to an end, October 12, 2018, 2-5pm, 2101R Hardwoods Hall, Could Studies Seminar RoomPlease RSVP by August 1As summer provides way to a rainy fall, we here at the Section of Ladies Studies include undergone several transformations. Having completed some renovations within our department, employed on new faculty and staff, and begun the work of stimulating ourselves, the reason for writing this is to open our doors towards the broader Women’s Studies community. On August 12, via 2: 00-5: 00pm we are hosting our annual Land Gathering for all of our teachers, affiliate faculty, graduate, and undergraduate pupils. Please come along for an afternoon of food, good dialogue, and the chance to see the changes our division is going through.