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Research of the effectiveness of the use of leisure entertainment as an advertising tool in marketing strategy





The introduction will contain a brief backdrop on the chosen research theme, problem declaration upon which the research questions have got being developed. It will additional give an insight into the scope, objectives, purpose and relevance of the study.


Rotfeld (2006), suggested that avoidance of mass media advertising and marketing has become easier for audience as it is regarded as time for fails such as; snacks time, refreshing time, bathroom and other actions. Invention of technologies lately have also made worse and deepened the difficulty in reaching viewers appropriately; it is because increased level of noise throughout the communication process. (Kotler, ou al. 2005) explained sound as the element which is usually unexpected static or perhaps distortion to communication procedure; furthermore that prevents market from reception of concept being approved. This situation presents an appearance that shows that mass media advertising and marketing might be an incorrect choice due to its sponsors. In support of this, Gupta, Balasubramanian, and Klassen (2000), explained that these circumstances inspire sponsors to explore alternative multimedia or non-traditional communication approaches in advertising.

Because of noise, the latest practices have seen sponsors take up alternative advertising media type of communication in their integrated promoting plan. Benefactors are found to pay heavily in using these alternatives particularly in the area of incorporating their messages into leisure entertainment and using it as a conversation media. In adopting leisure time entertainment; merchandise placement, sponsorship of Shows, and athletics sponsorship are few approaches used by beneficiaries to speak their communication to the audience. In view of the growing difficulties in the preparing of mass media advertising as well as the continuous within the ownership of leisure entertainment like a new and preferred promoting communication medium; the investigator as decided to undertake a research which is centered around the " study in the effectiveness with the use of leisure time entertainment while an advertising device in advertising strategy”.


Exuberant amounts are being paid simply by sponsors in adopting leisure entertainment as a substitute advertising communication tool. For example, (John Vivian, 2002) studies that in adopting the use of product positioning, " an easy shot of the product in the foreground typically goes for regarding $25, 000 to 50 dollars, 000” different alternatives will be equally high-priced. Survey demonstrates product placement in television set alone while shown a momentous embrace recent years. (Lights, camera, 2005) reports that, in 2005 it had produced by 46% and by adding films, publications, videogames, music as well as TELEVISION the market was worth around $3. five billion by the same yr. Earlier, (Morton & Friedman, 2002) argued that the performance of these alternatives has not been and so successful for each sponsor and their products alike. It therefore turns into difficult to examine and authoritatively conclude for the reliability of its purchase returns. Many of these raise interest as to whether the use of leisure entertainment as an alternative technique to mass media marketing guarantees better communication to audience than the traditional strategies of mass media marketing in online strategy. 1 . 3RESEARCH PURPOSE AND SIGNIFICANCE

Depending on the explained problem, the purpose and significance of this research work is to discover the degree of effectiveness in the utilization of leisure entertainment as an alternative to mass media advertising, their audience reach, ensuing impact on communication process and explanation on the adoption by sponsors. It will likewise seek to advise the possibility in the use of amusement entertainment like a tool to overcome " noise” in communication...

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