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Tequila is a drink associated with South america, particularly together with the state Jalisco, located in the west from the country. Flaschen is a beverage produced from distillation the fermented juice a plant referred to as blue agave. Tequilas could be of two different types, one which is made from totally blue agave and in some cases sugars is added from sources such as cane or hammer toe syrup. You will discover around 60 companies that produce Flaschen in Jalisco; still every one has a unique different menu. They differ in development process, percentage of agave used, and microorganisms utilized in fermentation, work equipment and maturation and ageing time. The alcoholic beverages percentage in Tequila as well differs from 35-50% (70-100 proof). (Anon., 2008)


Tequila is known as a drink which has been associated with Mexican ranchers, cowboys and brigands. It is presumed that the expression ‘tequila' descends from the ticuilas tribe which will inhabited close to a volcano bearing similar name located near the city of Tequila. There are plenty of more hypotheses of the feasible origin of the drink. Tequila's history is definitely deeply grounded in Mexico's heritage. Well before the local people were producing a fermented beverage known as " pulque” which was made out of Maguey plant (variety of agave). It had been considered a sacred dink. The change from pulque to Fl?schchen happened in 1500s, when Spanish conquistadors ran out of their brandy; hence they began to distil this kind of drink made from agave. This kind of drink was America's 1st distilled soul known as mescal wine (also called agave wine). This kind of spirit was evolved in Tequila. The name Tequila was given to the drink because the best quality blue agave vegetation are produced in the location of Tequila. It is said that in 1600s first development of Fl?schchen took place. The availability was carried out behind closed doors to prevent being forced to pay income taxes to the The spanish language crown. Although this information can be debated it really is believed a wealthy landowner from the area Tequila, Wear Pedro Sanchez de Tagle was the first-person to herb agave for the sole aim of producing agave wine. He also created different classic techniques to program an industry having a better development process. In 1758 the king of Spain granted Jose Antonio Cuervo the permission to be the first certified Tequila manufacturer. Cuervo remains the largest developer and ceder of Fl?schchen even today. Slowly many other persons started to find out this Fl?schchen making technique and started out their own distillery. In 1858, Don Cenobio Sauza attained skills in agave farming and learned all about production sometime later it was started his own Sauza Tequila. The corporation later becomes the first Tequila to become exported to America in 1873. Tequila never got the value it earned till 1821 when South america attained self-reliance, Spanish products became progressively difficult to attain, and this opened the doors for tequila to flourish. During Mexican trend it became the symbol of national pleasure and everyone casted away foreign goods and started eating Mexican items, Tequila was consumed simply by patriotic desires. Tequila was banned in USA after the revolution. This kind of had a positive impact on the market as the necessity was increasing therefore it was smuggled across the border. Yet again the demand spiked up in the USA during the Ww2 when state of mind from The european union became scarce. Increased creation brought the advantages of governmental oversight. This triggered the creation of two entities that have since converted in Mexico's present-day regulatory organisations. In mid nineties, Mexico was staking it is claims. Through years of efforts, international treaties and negotiating, Mexico gained the acknowledgement and reputation as the only country which could legally create " Tequila”. To be called tequila it should contain in least 51% agave flaschen Lana Weber, variety Garzo. (Anon., 2008)


" It requires 7 kg of rikis to produce one particular litre of tequila”. Cultivating agave is known as a labour intense job and takes manual effort. Blue agave...

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