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ShaheedВ AwatiВ

Ms. PindarВ


AprilВ 17, В 2015В

TheВ BookВ ThiefВ EssayВ

TheВ BookВ ThiefВ written В by simply В MarkВ Zusak, В whichВ isВ narratedВ byВ DeathВ whoВ isВ alsoВ aВ

character in the story.  Death declares,  ​

" It's just a small story really,  about,  among things:  A small girl,  some words and phrases,  an accordionist,  some fanatical Germans,  a Jewish fist fighter,  and quite a lot of thievery” (Zusak 5).  ​

HumansВ areВ capableВ ofВ bothВ greatВ compassionВ andВ greatВ evilВ basedВ onВ theirВ experiencesВ thatВ shapeВ these people. В TheВ authorВ demonstratesВ theВ themeВ usingВ conflictsВ likeВ personВ versusВ society, В " TheВ WordВ Shaker” writtenВ byВ MaxВ Vandenburg, В andВ theВ powerВ ofВ words. В В

PersonВ versusВ societyВ conflictsВ inВ TheВ BookВ ThiefВ areВ implementedВ toВ charactersВ whoВ areВ

capableВ ofВ greatВ compassionВ andВ greatВ evil. В CharactersВ whoВ demonstrateВ compassionВ andВ evilВ areВ HansВ HubermannНѕВ Liesel's В stepfatherВ andВ anВ accordionist, В MaxВ VandenburgНѕВ theВ JewishВ fistВ fighterВ andВ theВ secretВ lodgerВ inВ theВ Hubermann'sВ residence, В LieselВ MemingerНѕВ theВ protagonistВ ofВ theВ storyВ andВ theВ bookВ thief. В HansВ versusВ theВ NazisВ isВ anВ exampleВ ofВ personВ versusВ societyВ conflict, В whereВ HansВ isВ theВ protagonistВ andВ theВ antagonistВ isВ theВ Nazis. В OneВ dayВ theВ NazisВ decidedВ toВ walkВ theВ JewishВ prisonersВ downВ theВ roadВ andВ HansВ decidedВ toВ giveВ aВ pieceВ ofВ breadВ toВ oneВ ofВ theВ Jews. В "[…]В HansВ HubermannВ heldВ hisВ handВ outВ andВ presentedВ aВ pieceВ ofВ breadВ […]”, В statedВ DeathВ (ZusakВ 394). В FeedingВ JewishВ prisonersВ onВ theirВ wayВ toВ DachauВ isВ consideredВ aВ crimeВ toВ theВ NaziВ guardsВ soВ HansВ wasВ punishedВ forВ hisВ act. В ItВ may В seemВ likeВ aВ smallВ factor, В butВ toВ theВ JewishВ

peopleВ whoВ sawВ itВ asВ anВ actВ ofВ trueВ empathy. В Hans'sВ pastВ experienceВ ofВ ErikВ VandenburgНѕВ aВ GermanВ Jew, В whoВ hadВ volunteeredВ HansВ toВ stayВ behindВ writingВ lettersВ andВ ErikВ hadВ toВ goВ fightВ inВ theВ battle. В ThisВ occurredВ whenВ HansВ wasВ aВ soldierВ duringВ WorldВ WarВ 2В andВ remindedВ himВ thatВ aВ JewВ savedВ hisВ life, В whichВ he В couldВ neverВ forget. В AnotherВ exampleВ ofВ aВ person В versusВ societyВ inВ TheВ BookВ ThiefВ isВ MaxВ VandenburgВ versusВ Hitler/Germany. В InВ thisВ conflict, В MaxВ isВ theВ protagonistВ andВ Hitler/GermanyВ isВ theВ antagonist. В ThisВ isВ aВ personВ versusВ societyВ conflictВ becauseВ MaxВ isВ fightingВ againstВ theВ outsideВ world. В OnВ theВ nightВ ofВ NovemberВ on the lookout for, В 1939, В Nazi ​ soldiersВ

stormedВ theВ streetsВ ofВ Germany, В breakingВ windowsВ andВ lootingВ JewishВ businessesВ inВ aВ nationwideВ attackВ thatВ wouldВ beВ knownВ asВ KristallnachtВ (" theВ nightВ ofВ brokenВ glass”). В DuringВ thatВ nightВ MaxВ wasВ toldВ byВ hisВ bestВ friend, В WalterВ Kugler, В heВ hadВ toВ leaveВ hisВ homeВ immediatelyВ toВ escapeВ criminal arrest. В ThisВ isВ aВ pastВ experienceВ ofВ MaxВ whichВ ledВ toВ himВ leavingВ theВ Hubermann'sВ houseВ becauseВ heВ did В notВ wantВ themВ beingВ caughtВ helpingВ aВ Jew. В ThisВ actВ ofВ MaxВ leavingВ theВ Hubermann'sВ houseВ demonstratesВ howВ compassionateВ MaxВ isВ toВ theВ HubermannВ familyВ andВ heВ doesВ notВ wantВ toВ experienceВ anotherВ familyВ getВ punishedВ becauseВ ofВ hisВ religionВ whichВ MaxВ hasВ alreadyВ experiencedВ withВ hisВ ownВ family. В LieselВ MemingerВ versusВ Hitler/GermanyВ isВ anВ exampleВ ofВ personВ versusВ societyВ conflictВ whereВ LieselВ isВ theВ protagonistВ andВ Hitler/GermanyВ is В theВ antagonist. В LieselВ isВ dealingВ withВ hidingВ aВ JewВ inВ herВ basement. В SheВ andВ theВ Hubermann'sВ knowВ thatВ HitlerВ isВ veryВ strictВ aboutВ hidingВ Jews. В IfВ theyВ areВ caughtВ thenВ theВ resultВ willВ beВ punishmentВ orВ persecution. В AsВ LieselВ growsВ asВ aВ characterВ inВ theВ story, В sheВ understandsВ thatВ becauseВ ofВ HitlerВ sheВ lostВ herВ parents. В ThisВ pastВ experienceВ ofВ LieselВ leadsВ herВ toВ say, В " I В hateВ theВ Fuhrer. В[…]В IВ hateВ him” (ZusakВ 115). В TheВ FuhrerВ hasВ shownВ hisВ greatВ evilВ byВ persecutingВ JewsВ andВ anyВ biasedВ


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Zusak,  Markus.  ​

The Book Thief​

. В NewВ York: В AlfredВ A. В Knopf, В 2006. В Print. В



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